Green Energy

Solar power is generated using photovoltaic cells that capture sunlight and turn into electricity – The solar energy is going to be an alternate for all conventional sources and will become an energy security of the nation as well.

  • Solar PPA
  • Solar power plant
  • Solar street light
  • Solar water pump
  • Solar water heater

Energy Efficiency

Being energy efficient is a way to manage growth in consuming energy, to protect the wildlife habitats, safeguard the nature, and ensure there is an adequate energy left for imminent generations.

  • LED lighting
  • BLDC fans

Energy Management

It is the process which makes us track and monitor the energy so it can be conserved. It matters the most as it can help in cost reduction, reduce carbon emission and most importantly it helps in reducing the demand for energy which can result in energy price increases or supply shortages.

  • Smart metering
  • Smart Street lighting
  • Smart water management

Energy Services

We contribute our knowledge based services to educate the people on green energy and energy conservation.

  • Skill Development Trainings
  • Technical Conferences & Workshops
  • Study on Energy Sustainability

Energy Storage

The seizure of energy produced at one time to be used for a later time is what energy storage is all about. The process involves the conversion of energy from sources that are challenging to store to economically storable forms in large scale with the help of Li-ion / Vanadium Batteries.

  • Online UPS
  • Inverters
  • Batteries

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