Solar Power:

Tirunelveli is a city in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu and is the administrative headquarters of the Tirunelveli District. The major industries in Tirunelveli include administrative services, agricultural trading, tourism, banking, agricultural machinery and educational services. The city is also famous for trading many commodities which are well known around the country. The temperature in the city will range from a minimum of 25 °C and a maximum of 41 °C which makes the city very hot and humid. The arid, desert-like regional pattern is seen only in Tirunelveli District which makes the district look very dry and humid.

Effica Energy is the Solar Products designing, selling and installing company which has many years of expertise and knowledge in this field. We are the most important and the well known solar products provider in this area. Due to the lack of electricity the past few years we have been suffering a lot. We at Effica know about the troubles all the businesses will face without electricity. Electricity is the main source for most of the businesses and sun is the major natural source from which electricity can be generated efficiently.

We provide wide range of solar power products which are satisfying our wide range of customers and make them keep their trust on us. Our products which are running successful in many of customer’s places are as below:

Our products which are of high demand in the market now are:

  • Solar PV Modules
  • Solar Power System
  • Solar Pump
  • Solar Street Light
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Home Inverter
  • Solar Home Lighting Kit
  • Solar LED Lantern

We have a team of efficient professionals who have high expertise in building a cost effective solution which will make sure about fulfilling our clients’ electricity needs. We will also provide training in managing the products which we install in your place. We have been rated as the best for our wide range of customer satisfaction and highly affordable prices for all our products. Call us for more information and installation.