Solar Power:

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most populated cities in Tamil Nadu. We have seen that due to the lack of sources of Power the last few years have been very tough with more amount of time for power cuts. In a city like Chennai the weather is always dry and the temperature will always range from 35–40 °C at maximum and 15–22 °C at the minimum. The sun will always will be brighter and the power which we can get from it will be high. The city is perfect for the installation of Solar Energy devices.

The most efficient way of getting electricity from sun is called as Solar Power Generation. It is the very efficient way of generating electricity and reducing the amount of money which we spend on paying our electricity bills. We at Effica Energy assure you that we will provide you with the perfect solution for solving all your electricity related problems with the help of the natural source Sun Light. Our products are designed to be very efficient and environment friendly when can brighten your home with the power which it generates from the sunlight.

Whether your electricity need is commercial, residential or industrial we can help you with our most efficient products and solve all your problems which are related to power issues. The major products which we provide for our valuable customers are

  • Solar PV Modules
  • Solar Power System
  • Solar Pump
  • Solar Street Light
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Home Inverter
  • Solar Home Lighting Kit
  • Solar LED Lantern

We at Effica Energy have been rated as the best for providing high quality products. We also provide our customers with constant consulting and maintenance services with which we can make sure that they are satisfied by our services. All you have to do is just contact us on +91 44-43331288 for further assistance and device installation.